Non Dairy Creamers

  • NDC 35C (35% Fat, Plam Base)
  • NDC 35S (35% Fat, Coconut Base)
  • NDC 32B (32% Fat, Plam and Coconut Base)
  • HIGH FAT POWDER HFC003 (60% Fat, Coconut Base)
  • HIGH FAT POWDER 80A (80% Fat, Plam Base)

Healthy Non Dairy Creamers

  • Fiber Creamer 33F (33% Fat, Coconut Base, Polydextrose and No Glucose Syrup)
  • Coconut Non Dairy Creamer Vegan 35VF (35% Fat, Polydextrose, No Glucose syrup, No Casenate

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Plam Base

  • MCT 80T (Glucose syrup)
  • MCT 80ZS (No Glucose syrup)

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Coconut Base

  • MCT 80CS (No Glucose syrup)
  • MCT 35F (No Glucose syrup, High Fiber)


  • Nutri HiFat 80Camofoo (Camelina Oil) Powder
  • Nutri HiFat 80S (Sunflower Oil) Powder (Glucose syrup)
  • Nutri Hifat 80SP (Sunflower Oil) Powder (No Glucose syrup)
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